Giving Back

Giving Back

E wehe i ka umauma i ākea
Open out the chest that it may be spacious // Be generous and kind to all

I'm very passionate about being a conscious consumer. I strongly believe that we can change the world, even just a little, with every buying decision we make. When you make a purchase with Lōliʻi you are choosing to support an ethical, Native Hawaiian, woman-run, business. You are also choosing to give back to this ʻāina and its people. As a Native Hawaiian, and someone who calls Hawaiʻi home, it's not only my responsibility, but also my privilege to be able to mālama this incredibly special place.

Each quarter Lōliʻi will donate a percentage of all purchases made to organizations that support and uplift our lāhui and create solutions for the many issues Native Hawaiians face here in Hawaiʻi. While it may not be a perfect model, I do believe that this is a step in the right direction. Current programs include:

KAHEA Aloha ʻĀina Support Fund

KAHEA: The Hawaiian Environmental Alliance is a Hawaiian led 501(c)3 non-profit organization that believes deeply in creating lasting and meaningful change through the power of community and collective action. The Aloha ʻAina Support Fund was created by KAHEA and prioritizes frontline logistical support for non-violent direct actions taken to protect Mauna Kea from further industrial development.

ʻĀina Momona

ʻĀina Momona is a Native Hawaiian led 501(c)3 organization founded by Walter Ritte for the purpose of achieving environmental health and sustainability through restoring social justice and Hawaiian sovereignty. ʻĀina Momona works in grassroots communities to restore fragile ecosystems, promote cultural rights and practices, enhance community well-being, and advocate for native rights and social justice.


Kaiāulu Volunteer Days are another form of giving back to our community and are great opportunities to ʻauamo kūleana while working together with others. I thought it could be really cool to share the days/events that I plan on volunteering my time and invite you all to come and join me. We can meet and become friends IRL while also taking care of our ʻāina! Feel free to invite your family and friends and make it a fun day! Giving some of your time to help create a better future is always a good idea. See Events for upcoming volunteer days.