Lōliʻi Swimwear is a collection of hand-made swimwear designed and constructed in Hawaiʻi for people of all shapes and sizes. This is swimwear created to celebrate the human form and Native Hawaiian culture while being mindful of the impact we have on our ʻāina.

Welina mai! My name is Remy Hirai and I am the owner/designer of Lōliʻi. I began designing swimwear for myself out of a need for flattering and functional pieces that would fit my body. At the time, there weren’t any companies creating beautiful swimwear for people with bodies that looked like mine and I remember that feeling of shame and disappointment every time I’d try something on and it just wouldn’t fit right. But I’ve always believed that if you can’t find what you're looking for, whether that be beautiful swimwear or representation or a supportive community, go out there and create it! Because there are people right now looking for you and looking for exactly what you have to offer this world.

So, sick of the frustration, without a background in sewing/pattern-making, and with zero experience in the fashion industry, I decided to make my own swimwear and create the styles and sizes that I wished other companies would have. There really wasn’t any diverse body representation in the industry and I set out to change that. I started researching and teaching myself about design and sewing. In the summer of 2010 I got a sewing machine from my grandma for my birthday and since then it’s been hundreds of hours of research, youtube tutorials, and trial and error. It all began as just designing swimwear for myself, but soon friends and family started ordering custom pieces of their own, and so Lōliʻi was born.