How To Support Small Businesses Without Spending Money

Right now, supporting small businesses is a very important topic on many people's minds. Many of us have a long list of small businesses that we want to support, but sometimes we aren't in the best financial position to do so. However, that doesn't mean we can't still support these brands! While it's always best to support a small biz by shopping there as often as you can, there are a few highly impactful ways to support them without buying anything at all. Check out these 5 simple easy ways to show your fave small biz some love:

1. Like, Comment, & Share
Like their social media posts (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.), leave a lil heart emoji or if you're feeling up to it, a heartfelt comment on their posts. Share their posts to your stories. Watch their stories! This all sounds so tiny and simple but it can make the biggest impact! Social media algorithms can sometimes make it hard for small businesses to be seen by a larger audience. Engaging (liking, commenting, sharing, & watching stories) with your favorite small businesses helps spread their reach by showing these algorithms that people are interested in what they're offering. So repin to your Pinterest boards and turn those IG profile notifications on!
2. Give Them A Social Media Shoutout
Share their social media profile! Shoutout your fave small businesses on your feed or in your stories! Share their profiles/accounts with your friends and family. Tell them why you love this small biz and why you think they'll love it too! 
3. Post A Photo
Take a photo, tag it, and post it! When you visit their store, attend their event, or have their products, take photos and share them! This helps others get to know them and give them a try! Plus, if you're wearing or using a product that a business has made, they will be SO stoked to see you putting it to good use!
4. Send Kind Words
Small business owners work their bootys off and sometimes it can feel like all their hard work goes unnoticed. If you heart a small biz, let them know! Tell them what you love about them or leave them a nice review! You're the reason why they do what they do, and hearing kind words from you would bring them so much joy. Send them an email, write them a note, or just comment on their social media. Words of love and kindness >>>
5. Spread The Word
Send their website or contact information to people you think would be interested! Even just talking about your favorite small biz can help! This is a great way to send them some love through word of mouth and to help them grow.

Supporting small businesses benefits the economy, adds character to their local communities, and creates job opportunities! Lōliʻi is a small biz, we love and support other local small businesses, and we hope you do the same!

Let me know if you have any other tips on how we can all support small businesses without spending any money!