How To Fit + Wear Your Lōliʻi Face Mask

How To Fit + Wear Your Lōliʻi Face Mask YouTube Tutorial

If you have a Lōliʻi face mask, here's some tips on how to get a proper fit and make wearing your mask simple and easy! The straps of your Lōliʻi face mask are made with swim material so they're stretchy like elastic, but soft and comfortable to wear. It's also adjustable! Follow these steps below:

1. Put bottom strap over your head and around your neck
2. Put the mask on your face, over your nose and mouth
3. Put the top strap over you head so it's lying on the top/back of your head
4. Fit mask snug to face (but not super tight!) by cinching top strap, pulling away from your head
5. Take top strap off your head, untie the bow, and secure a tight knot at desired strap point
6. Trim strap tails (not super close to the knot or it will come undone)
7. Slide the knot into the side of the mask
8. Voila! You're done! Enjoy your mask + take care :)