Fabric Choice Do's & Don'ts

When it comes to Custom Orders, choosing the right fabrics can sometimes be a little tricky, but don't worry! I've created a super simple list of the top 3 Do's & Don'ts to help you out when it comes to fabric selection.

This is more of a guide and not strict rules. However, over the years I've seen that if you use these "rules" as a guide when selecting your fabrics, you'll have a much easier time and you'll end up with a really gorgeous piece. So let's get started:

Waiʻaleʻale Bottoms

DON’T: Pair Prints + Prints

Sometimes less is more. Prints are very bold so pairing two of them together on the same bikini can be a little tricky.

DO: Pair Prints + Solids for a bold and versatile look

Instead, try pairing a printed fabric with a solid fabric. If the style you want has strings/straps, choose the matching fabric for the side you think you’ll wear the most. For example: The Waiʻaleʻale Bottoms in Gingham + Black. 

Kaipuhaʻa Top + Waiʻoli Bottoms

DON’T: Pair Textured + Textured or Textured + Prints

The textured fabrics tend to be a bit thicker and heavier than the solids and prints. So when you pair them together, you’ll get a wonky fitting suit that will feel too thick and will take forever to dry out. Also, when paired together, the different textures layered on top of one another will make your suit look a little lumpy and bumpy instead of sitting smoothly on the body.

As for the print fabrics, the underside of them are usually white, so if you pair this with a Mesh textured fabric, you’ll see the white through the holes. Also, printed fabrics already have so much detail, so when you add a textured fabric (that’s also quite detailed), it can start to look a little chaotic.

DO: Pair Textured + Solids for a unique and sporty look

Pair a textured and solid fabric together instead. Depending on the style and fabrics, match the strings/straps with the same textured fabric or a matching solid fabric. For example: The Kaipuhaʻa Top in Black Ribbed + Black with Black Ribbed Straps or the Kaliko Bottoms in Black Crinkle + Black with Black Straps.

Anahola + Hanalei Full Piece

DON’T: Pair light colored fabrics

When swim fabric gets wet it can also get a little see-through. Avoid pairing two light colored fabrics together, like Haupia Mesh + Tidepool or Pearl + Bone. 

DO: Pair neutral colored fabrics under light colored fabrics or mesh

To avoid any fashion mishaps, pair a lighter color fabric with a neutral color fabric like Coffee. This way, when your swim gets wet, it’ll just look like skin tone and you won’t be able to see any body details through the lighter fabric. For example: The Anahola Full Piece in Pīkake Crinkle + Coffee with Pīkake Crinkle Straps or the Hanalei Full Piece in Bone + Coffee with Bone Straps.

Kawaihoa + Maunalua Top

ALWAYS DO: All solid for a simple and classic look

My favorite fabric choice and an always DO for me is an all solid piece, for example: The Kawaihoa Top in Coco or the Maunalua Top in Coffee. All solid pieces give off a very simple, elegant, and chic look that can go day to night and from day at the beach to night out on the town.