What's In My Beach Bag This Summer?

My other half is an avid paddler and Summertime is Regatta season. There's a Regatta Race down at the beach almost every weekend for two months straight. This is then followed by Distance season which goes all the way to October... so we have a lot of beach days! I like to keep a beach bag ready to go during the Summer since we're always on the go. It makes getting ready for the day a lot easier and helps me stay organized. Check out some of my favorites that I always have with me in my beach bag:

Reef-safe Non-toxic Sunscreen
Your skin is the body's largest organ, so what you put on it matters. Sunscreens with harmful toxins and chemicals can end up doing your body more harm than good. Look for natural, reef-safe, non-toxic sunscreen. Do your research on endocrine disruptors and cancer-causing chemicals, read the labels on the back of products, and choose your sunscreen wisely.

I always have this Visor with me. It's so great. It shields my entire face from the sun because of its large brim. It's also velcro on the back for a snug fit. This visor also rolls up really nicely so I can tuck it into my bag at the end of the day- perfect for travel! I love this visor- it's my most favorite thing in my beach bag.

Hydro Flask
Plastic water bottles are bad for us to be drinking out of and bad for the environment. Stop buying single-use plastic and invest in a reusable water bottle. It's the most simple swap that you can do to start minimizing your waste. I LOVE my Hydro Flask because it keeps my water cold all day and it has a lifetime warranty! Not to mention it's super chic and beautiful.

Beach Towel/Pareo
I usually have both, one to wipe down after I get out of the water and the other to wear throughout the day. Check out this beautiful Slowtide Turkish Towel. I really appreciate the commitment this company has for sustainability and ethics.

UE Boom Speaker
This little speaker packs a punch and is perfect for beach days. The UE Boom Speaker is a wireless bluetooth speaker that's waterproof + shockproof.

Travel Pouch + Beach Bag
We can't forget these two! I always carry this pretty little dotted travel pouch in my beach bag. It holds all my different sunscreens, my sunnies, keys, lip balm, and phone. I like it because then I don't have a bunch of small loose items jumbled up in my bag. My beach bag is made of recycled plastic making it really durable and water-resistant. I love the simplicity and sophistication of Palorosa bags. Unfortunately this travel pouch is no longer available online + Palorosa currently does not ship to the US, but you can check out the stores in the US that do carry their products here.

Beach Clothes
And yes, the beach bag is not complete without a beach outfit! Sunnies, my favorite kini, and a good pair of shorts and we're ready for the beach. Order your very own CUSTOM KINI here! Choose your sizes, colors, prints, and coverage! Also checkout Madewell for all your wardrobe needs. I love this brand so much. Check out their commitment to sustainability here. They also offer extended sizes which is awesome; every body deserves beautiful clothes!