What Bikinis To Pack When Going On Vacation

Have you taken our Destination quiz yet?! If not, hop over here and give it a go! It'll take less than 2 minuets! If you have, PERFECT! Let's talk about what kinis to pack when you're going on vacay!
First, decide whether your vacay is going to be more leisure, sightseeing, or adventure. This will make packing a lot easier for you. I totally understand that a get-away can involve all three of these aspects, so in that case, pack one kini for each style of vacay! This is a simplified list with my personal recommendations + tips.
A leisure destination, like Tahiti for example, would involve lots of sunbathing, lounging, and light activities like snorkeling and beach walks. The Sunset top paired with the Brooklyn bottoms is the perfect set for a leisure vacay. It's comfy and chic! Throw a flow dress on over this set with oversized sunnies + a wide brim hat and you're set! The Hanalei full-piece and Zephyr top + Manini bottoms would also do really well on a leisure vacay. Think day beds + beach clubs and itty bitty kinis for itty bitty tan lines!
A sightseeing destination, like Italy for example, would involve lots of walking and well... sightseeing! You'll always be on the go, from one place to the next so having comfortable, versatile, and stylish pieces are a must! The Anahola or Kilohana full-pieces would double perfectly as a bodysuit under some cut-offs and a light flowy top or cover-up. Pair with some comfy walking sneakers/sandals, stacked accessories, + a cute hat and your ready to hit the streets of Rome! The Kealia top + Hilo bottoms are also a great pair to pack because they're as comfy as undies, but much cuter and much more appropriate if you plan on taking a dip in the Tyrrhenian Sea!
 An adventure destination, like Chile for example, would involve lots of hiking, trekking, and/or ocean activities! You'll probably be on the go a lot as well, and may not have the luxury of packing heavy. Having versatile pieces are key to packing light while still looking and feeling great! I'd recommend the Piper + Rhys top + Kona bottoms. These are sporty kinis that are great in place of undies while offering comfort, support, and style. Perfect for hikes to waterfalls or camping under the stars. The Anahola full-piece is also a great piece to bring along- sporty + chic!
I hope you find these recommendations helpful! Send us photos of yourself in your Lōliʻi kini on your next vacation- we'd love to see them!