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Caring for your bikini is so so so important but sadly and often times we don’t get around to it or we don’t care for them properly. Kinis are treasured investments well worth taking care of! Here are a few of my tips for keeping your kinis in tip top shape:

  1. You should always wear sunscreen when having fun in the sun, but when applying be careful not to slather the stuff on your kini. Do your best to avoid sunscreen/kini contact.
  2. Always rinse off after taking a dip whether that be in salt water or chlorine.
  3. We all love to have fun at the beach and sometimes this means getting a little sandy, but be careful! Often times soil, dirt, and darker grains can be found in sand and these little bits can get stuck in your kinis fabric. This is more noticeable with light colored fabric. If this happens, do your best to hand wash your kini and get those stubborn bits out.
  4. Watch out for rough surfaces! Avoid sitting on rocks or other uneven surfaces that may snag or ruin your kini. Place a towel or pareo down before having a sat.
  5. DO NOT WASH YOUR KINIS IN THE WASHING MACHINE! Kinis should never be machine washed. Always hand rinse them in the shower or the sink with a mild soap in warm water.
  6. Do not hang dry your kini in the sun. This will fade their beautiful colors and deteriorate the fabric. Instead hang your kinis in the shade.
  7. If your on the go, always have a bikini pouch with you so you don’t end up throwing your wet kini in your bag with the rest of your things.